Mr. Cornetta of the Love Shack fame was recently granted a business and a temporary alcohol license by the City of Johns Creek, according to the AJC. Mr. Cornetta claims that there will be no nudity at the restaurant/sports bar:

“Nude was never in my plan, ” Cornetta said. “We couldn’t if we wanted to. We’ll have good-looking waitresses, I’ll tell you that. They’ll wear Daisy Dukes. I think Hooter’s girls wear too much, don’t you? I think it would be great to have great-looking girls serving tapas while you listen to music.

Just to make sure that nudity does not happen, the Johns Creek Technology Park changed their covenants to prohibit adult uses:

Then on Jan. 23, Technology Park/Atlanta, the parent company for the Johns Creek office park, changed its covenants to expressly prohibit adult uses.

In addition, a neighboring business has put Mr. Cornetta on notice that adult entertainment will not be tolerated:

Last September, an attorney for a neighboring business sent Cornetta a letter warning him to toe the line with his new venture.

“Please be advised that our client [One Court, L.P.] intends to closely monitor the future use of [your] property and to take all necessary legal actions required to assure that the property is not used for any illicit or unlawful purpose and complies with all applicable laws, regulations, zoning and other ordinances and all pertinent restrictive covenants, conditions, and restrictions,” wrote attorney Thomas E. Jones Jr.

The obvious question is why would Mr. Cornetta open a high end restaurant/sports bar. One reason could be the downturn in the sale of adult DVD’s that is occurring according to this recent USA Today article.

Overall sales and rentals of X-rated DVDs have plunged 15% in the last year and up to 30% over the past two years because video and photos on the Internet — much of it created by amateurs — are available at a fraction of the cost or for free…

Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid, one of the world’s top adult film producers, predicts DVD sales will largely be replaced by content sold on the Internet. Three years ago, 80% of its revenue came from DVD sales. Now, it’s 40%, he says.

Could Mr. Cornetta be diversifying out of the adult video market and into the high end restaurant/sports bar? Is he trying to develop a high end “Hooters” style business to off-set the impact of the internet on in-store sales of adult DVD’s?

How will the residents of the City of Johns Creek accept and dine at Mr. Cornetta’s new venture? Is Johns Creek ready for this high end type of night spot that is more typically found in Buckhead or Midtown? Given the distance from downtown, can Mr. Cornetta draw from the convention market that supports many high end restaurants in Buckhead?

Only time will tell how Mr. Cornetta will fair with his new venture. If it is like the typical restaurant, it has a 60 percent chance of failing in the first three years. Lets hope it does not take that long.